Thanks to Mother Nature for letting us get our gig in before Snowmaggedon !! Thanks to Doug and the staff for everything !! Fireball shots kept everybody warm.Kirk Kisselman sat in a set and was hot !! Burns Twice returns to the "Stop In " in June !!

See our photo page for more pics!!

FRIDAY FEB. 20 9pm... Burns Twice will "Stop Inn" at our favorite Roadhouse, Jake's!! It should be a fun Friday Night!! This is a great room for fans of live music!!

 Good times at Dillinger's!! We believe we might have even seen Rich...When the gals started dancing the party got started!! Thanks Scott for pitching in, Good to see everyone!!
It's been a while...

Dillinger's welcomes the return
of Burns Twice for a special "Friday the 13th/Valentines Show"!! We're gonna beat feet to the Centaur Plaza in Lafayette Friday,Feb. 13th at a new start time, 8:30pm !! We are ready to Rock, and we have brand new sets of 21 Century Classic Rock for your drinking,dining and dancing pleasure

    Thanks Claire and the whole gang from       Hopper's !! We had a ball!!

HOPPERS FRIDAY Jan. 9th 8 pm....We love Hopper's and we love starting the new year at Denver's Best Beach...Hopper's!!
Great night at Hopper's!!Thanks Charity ,you and your staff were rocking!! PICS ARE UP!!

HEY!! We got a last minute gig at Hopper's. This Friday [Sept. 5] at 8pm, Burns Twice will fire up the 21st Century Classic Rock Show and it looks like it will be a great night on the patio!!

As we head into our Summer Vacation,I want to thank any and everybody for the best Summer ever for Burns Twice!! We played more shows,had more fun than we ever have before!!Thanks to friends,fans and family for coming out to see us!!

We really enjoyed playing The Roadhouse last night !!Thanks to Doug and the staff for taking such good care of us!!Great to see Janice,Nichole and Gary,Josh!!

JAKE'S ROADHOUSE AUGUST 16TH 9PM Burns Twice had a blast last time,so we are looking forward to returning to The Roadhouse,Colorado's most "Biker Friendly" club!!

Friday night LoDo was shaking!! The word of the day..Scotch,or rather,Scotchy Scotch,Scotch!! Pics are up.

CELTIC TAVERN FRIDAY AUGUST 15TH 10PM We are headed back down town to play one of our favorite new rooms!! The Celtic is the perfect room for our fans, the best selection of Scotch I've ever seen!! Right through the connecting door,and you can enjoy a cigar or a smoke....indoors!! Friday Night Fever starts at 10 and goes all night!!

The most beautiful summer day in the mountains,ever !! Thanks to Carol and Scott for all their hospitality!! Great crowd soaking up the sunshine,SEE THE PICS Then check here for future Millsite gigs!!

SUNDAY ,AUG. 3, 12 TILL 4 PM THE MILLSITE INN,WARD CO. Burns Twice is rolling up to the highest and most beautiful location for a summer day show,The Millsite!! We had a blast
last time and the patrons know how to have fun in the High Country!!

One of the few venues that book live music  in  Lodo, The Celtic Tavern stands apart from other clubs!! Off track betting,cigar bar,great crowd,lots of fun!!
We are back at the Celtic Tavern Aug.15 .

Saturday,July 26, 9 pm ,The Celtic Tavern....Burns Twice heads out to
Blake St. and the Celtic Tavern to play a new room for the band. We
are playing so many new rooms this summer, the ole Burns Twice News Page is starting to sound like a Yelp review...The Celtic has a door to Delaney's Cigar Bar,so smokers can pop back and forth!! Join us as we explore and go Down Town !!

Beautiful night to be in the mountains,Cactus Jack's was rocking!!
JULY 18TH CACTUS JACK'S EVERGREEN... Burns Twice is looking to enjoy a night in Evergreen at the Famous Cactus Jack's Saloon !! They rebuilt the deck,bigger and better,after the flood!! This bar loves to party and dance!! We had a blast last year,and we are bringing our 21st Century Classic Rock Show with a bunch of new tunes!!

What fun!! We had a great night at the Eagle with lots of friends,and fans...there was another surprise Alias sighting....Alias guitarist Bruce Easton [and his lovely wife Jackie] jetted in from California, Gary and Scott made the scene and was cracking up the band all night!! The Halverson Sisters were dancing the full moon night away and I met so many folks!!

FRIDAY JULY 11TH, 8 PM ,THE EAGLE GRILL,LONGMONT....Burns Twice returns  to their Favorite Front Range Room...The Eagle Grill!!

We were in Jamestown last Saturday,Ward today....the single best routing in 50 years!! Thanks Carol for your hospitality,great to see old friends,Bruce,Rick,Saundra!! What a great outdoor stage, and we saw some amazing bikes!! Thanks to Downtown Brown for tearing it up on the harp!! Thanks go out to our brother road warrior Bruce for great sound and photos!!THE PICS ARE UP.We return to the Millsite ,Sunday ,August 3rd..
Our High Country,High Altitude Tour continues with a visit to the Famous Millsite Inn !!!! Saturday June 21st. 12 to 4 pm, They get a great crowd of fun seekers,at one of the most scenic spots anywhere!!

 On a side note, we couldn't play last year because we were booked the weekend of the the flood,so we are looking forward to this one!! The Millsite is located at 44365 Hi. 72 just North of Ward...Here's a map

PICS ARE UP,great seeing our old friends!! Rick,RickRock,Tommy,Denise,Louie,Brian,Leesa,Joe,Arnie,Tara,Heather,Brent,BF Kenny,Nolan,and thanks to Down Town Craig Brown, you rocked it!!

After our "party on the patio " tour ,we are taking a month off [van-lag]. Next sighting of the world's oldest living garage band will be at the Jamestown Merc,Saturday June 14,7 pm.....It's our annual "Gemini Birthday Party"...Prizes for Gemini's with the most number of personalities!

  Great to see all our friends,Dave, Scott ,Josh,and the gang from Reign Project!! Gary, nice job on that "more cowbell" part on Fear the Reaper!!Thanks Clair,Charity....Nichole had herself a birthday she won't soon remember!! If you doubt it ,SEE THE EVIDENCE ON OUR PHOTO PAGE

It's our "Let's have a party on the patio" tour....Burns Twice returns to Denver's best beach,Hopper's!! Friday May 2,8pm...

The Taunaz is a great neighborhood bar!! Cool patio[used to be a putt-put golf course]. Super friendly staff and patrons!!
SEE THE PICS!!Burns Twice returns to The Taunez Tavern Aug. 9...

Taunaz Tavern at 10480 W 64th Ave, Arvada, Saturday April 26.... It's a new room for us and we hear it's a fun bar with a great patio scene!!

FRIDAY April 4th,Firestone Co, Parrott's [in the King Soopers parking lot] 8 pm. We first played this room last year and discovered this club has a lot going for it!! Friendly folks[and I have to say,some of the best food I have gotten in a bar!!] and good drink prices make Parrott's well worth a visit,We have added a set of new 21st Century Classic rock,so come out and let's dance!!

Thanks to Doug,if you ever get tired of the bar-biz,you can run sound for Burns Twice!! The Roadhouse is a 21st Century biker bar,with a great house pa and L.E.D. Lighting,but the crowd is old school when it comes Rock and Roll!!

We return to the Roadhouse Saturday,August 16th!!

Saturday,March 29th,Jake's Road House 5980 Lamar,in Arvada....It's a new room for us,we hear the club is biker friendly and loves to rock!! Join us for a night of 21st Century Classic Rock!!

The Eagle rocks,sooooo great to see all our friends and fans dancing and having fun!!
CHECK OUT THE PICS We return for a Summer show July 11th,see you then!!
BURNS TWICE LOVES THE EAGLE GRILL!! So much we asked to play there more and we got 3 dates this year!!  The first date.. March 28th.,for a Fun Friday Dance Party!!  [Our other scheduled shows are July 11th,and Oct 17th]. The Eagle Grill is and has been The Front Range's home for Rock and Roll forever and with their great drink prices,great food and Longmont's friendliest staff,it's easy to see why!! The show starts at 8,Come out and swing into Spring with Burns Twice!!
Great to see everyone having fun and dancing!! We return to Hopper's in the spring on Friday, May 28th,see you then!!
FRIDAY WAS FUN!!...Join us Feb. 21 as we motor to I-70 and Kipling to play for all our friends at Hopper's!!

What a great way to start the our home
away from home Hopper's!! Friday Jan. 10,8 pm,Burns Twice returns with our 21st Century Classic Rock Show!!We added new tunes and some surprises!!

THANKS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! Your continued support,good will and powerfull thirst,are the reason Burns Twice rocks on!!We look forward to 2014 and hope you will join us as we play a bunch of new rooms,and return to our favorite clubs as well.

7 below ,but the crowd came to party!! 3 more inductees to the Burns Twice Birthday Club....Janis,we usually wait till you and your friends arrive to start playing,Clair,Charity,and the whole Hopper's staff are the greatest!! It has been so fun playing there this year!!

DECEMBER 6, 8PM,HOPPER'S.....BURNS TWICE HOLIDAY FUN FEST, What a great way start the season!! We want to thank all our friends and fans,and the entire Hopper's staff for such a fun year!! So, join us for a toast and some 21st Century Classic Rock at our home away from home...Hoppers!!

WHAT A GREAT CROWD!! Claire,Dedra,Charity and the rest of the Hoppers gang took care of everybody in fine style!! Great to see Scotty, Gary and Marrie,Dave and Sheila,It was Gordy's b-day,,you are a good sport! We rock out at Hoppers one more time in 2013, Friday,December 6.

NOV. 8, 8 PM,
Burns Twice returns to our favorite room for a night of 21st Century Classic Rock!! There are only 2 more Hoppers shows this year [last show Dec. 6th],so we would love to see our all our friends and fans!!

Check out our "our gig pics" for photos from the Bradford White Bronco Tailgate Party.....I have to say this was the best party all year!! The Bradford White Tribe really know how to throw a shindig,great food,drink and they took care of us all day!!

 Hey all our Front Range Fans!!Join us as we play a new club ,Parrotts in Firestone!!Folks tell us it's a fun room with great food [like midnight prime rib!!].We start up the 21st Century Rock at 8:30.



GREAT NIGHT,Happy birthday Dave!! We return to Hoppers  Friday Nov. 8th.....
HOPPERS WELCOMES THE RETURN OF BURNS TWICE, SATURDAY OCT. 5TH 8PM...We are playing a rare Saturday Night Show at Denver's Best Beach for a Party on the Patio,Hoppers!!


FRIDAY SEPT. 20 THE EAGLE GRILL, 8PM....Burns Twice heads back to "Old School" at Longmont's Home for Classic Rock,The Eagle Grill!! We are bringing our  21st Century Classic Rock Show ,and can't wait to see all our Front Range Friends!!!!

SORRY!! Carol and the gang at the Millsite said they missed us and...WE HOPE TO RESCHEDULE IN THE FALL!! TBD

Have you ever been to the Millsite Bar?It's located on The Scenic Peak to Peak Highway near Ward. Burns Twice is headed up to the High Country [8200 ft.!!] Saturday, Sept 14th for a fun show on The Millsite's outdoor stage!! Show starts around 1 pm. and in case of weather the music moves inside.The Millsite is a great historic structure that is home to the best pizza in the mountains!! We hope to see our friends from Jamestown and Ward,and invite our flatland friends to come on up and see how they party in the hills!!

It was a blast playing Hopper's last night!! It was a beautiful night and every one was in the mood to party!! What a great way to end the Summer!!
   We stopped the show for a troupe of Fire Fighters who rolled up in their Firetrucks asking for donations for MDA,The Hopper's crowd dug deep and filled a Fire Fighters boot to the brim with cash!!
  I want to say thanks to Claire and her entire staff for taking good care of Burns Twice and all our friends!! The gals were literally sprinting between the bars to serve the patrons.Check the photo of the Boss [all the pics are up from last night on our band pics page] and remind me to try to never piss her off!! She probably gives "that look" to her horses as well!! We return to Hoppers Oct. 5 for a rare Saturday show.

Join Burn's Twice for a Hot Summer Night at Denver's Best Beach...Hopper's!!
Friday Night,August 30,8 pm.It's our last Beach Party of the Summer and we will be serving up some Classic Rock,and Claire and the gals behind the bar will be blending up the great frozen drinks from Hopper's Summer Drink Menu !! Dedra will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen,so come early for dinner,then stay for the show!!

Warm night,warm crowd at The Bonfire!!Thanks to Jenna,Carrie,for taking care of the band and Mary for the great pics [ our gig pics has them all ]. We return Nov. 1st for an 8 pm show.

FRIDAY AUGUST 2ND,AT 8PM .....Burns Twice will be motoring south for a return to one of our favorite clubs...The Bonfire!! Grab some of their famous Georgia BBQ,then stay for the show!! News Flash....Drink Specials on Vodka and Shots to get your Friday Night Party started!! It's going to be a fun summer night!!

Thanks to Claire,Charity[it was her first night!],Dedra and the whole staff at Hoppers for treating us soooo nice!! Thanks to Scotty,[nice Facebook video!!] ,Kelly,Reign,and everyone who shared such a fine summer night!!We will be back August 30 for another party on the patio!!

Join Burns Twice as we head to Kipling and I-70, Friday night July 19th for a "Back to the Beach Party" at Denver's Best Beach....Hoppers!! The patio is open all night, Terrin,Claire and Cindy will be serving up their Delish New Summer Drinks Menu,the music starts at 8. Come on out and kick up a little sand!!

Thanks go out to our fav table of the night!! Heather and her posse were so nice and stayed till the last note!! A special thanks goes out to my wife"Mary"...they said it wouldn't last!! We are coming back Aug. 2nd to  get some more BBQ and and to rock!!Join us!!
July 5th,9:00 pm,The Bonfire and Burns Twice are keeping the weekend going with a rocking dance party!! Carrie,and Jena will be serving up killer drink specials,like early bird BOGO's, plus a bunch of great Shot Bargains!! The Bonfire Kitchen will be smoking and serving Denver's most tasty BBQ ,so come early and have dinner with Burns Twice, have a few shots,then stay for the show!!

The real show was last night's lightning storm,with folks out on the patio cheering like it was the 4th of July!! Pics are up,and Burns Twice returns to the Eagle Sept. 20th!!

      SEE BURNS TWICE LIVE AT THE EAGLE GRILL,Friday, June 28th,8pm..

 Clubs come and go,but the Eagle abides!!  The Eagle is and has been the Front Range's Home for Rock for so many years,and there's a reason!! Great Staff,Friendly Folks,Great Food, and Rock and Roll!! Join Burns Twice for our only Eagle gig this Summer. There is never a cover at the Eagle !!

THANKS TO RAINBO, AND JOE [who now has his own sandwich on the menu], and all the staff of the Mighty,Mighty,Merc!! We cleared the community of all bluegrass fans and players and rocked the night away with the True Rockers!! Great to see Kale,Rick,Rick,Denise,John ,Leesa,Lyle,Linda,Brian,Bill,Tom,Brent,Nolan,Sarah,Heather,Mary Ann,The Professor and all the rest!! Pics are up!!

The Merc welcomes Burns Twice back to "the window" for a night of High Country Fun,and Gemini Birthdays!! It's been a year ,and the band is looking forward to playing a new set list for the town that loves to dance!! Don't miss this chance to see Jamestown's oldest living garage band in their natural habitat!!

What a great Summer night !! Last night's pics are up.Burns Twice returns to Denver's Best Beach,Hoppers ,July 19.See you then!!


   BURNS TWICE RETURNS TO OUR FAVORITE BOULDER [adjacent] NIGHTCLUB....Friday,May 17th.Show starts at 9!!
Great to celebrate all the birthdays last night!We are back for a Saturday Show starting at 8,but if you want to join us for dinner,Burns Twice we be there tearing up some of The Bonfire's famous Georgia BBQ!!........ Visit their web at   and check out the menu!!
We return to The Bonfire July 5th and 6th!!

THE BONFIRE PROUDLY PRESENTS THE RETURN  OF BURNS TWICE, Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th ....Show times are 8pm both nights.Come early and make  sure and try some of The Bonfire's Famous Georgia BBQ!! I think it the best in town!!Then,get ready to dance!! This crowd knows how to have fun,and they rock all night long!!

OH WHAT A NIGHT! We were floored by how much fun we had at Hopper's last night!! Beautiful full moon,warm spring weather, so,the patio was rocking!!Great crowd,Terrin's friendly[and funny!!]staff took care of us all night... The Reign Project was in the house,[someday,we might be able to talk Reign into sitting in on a couple of tunes].Sailor Moon was dancing and cavorting on stage with the band and Mary stepped in to do some referring,Nice meeting Adriene,and everyone else!!Thanks to all our friends and family! The pics are up,see for yourself...
We return to Denver's Best Beach Friday,May31st !!

BURNS TWICE GOES BACK TO THE BEACH!! ...Denver's Best Beach,Hoppers!!  April 26th, 8 pm. It will a blast to see all our friends from Hoppers!! The gang at Hoppers are getting " The Beach" ready for us, and we are ready for Spring and ready to Rock!!


Thanks to Carrie and the her crew!! We had so much fun. The crowd was rocking,and I think we may have found the best BBQ in town !! We are back at The Bonfire May 3rd and 4th .If you haven't been to the Bonfire, You should!!

BE GENTILE , IT'S OUR FIRST TIME!! Join us as we play a new club, The Bonfire Lounge ,7576 W. Jewell,Lakewood, March 22 and 23rd at 8 pm. Our sources say it's a fun club with killer Georgia BBQ. Check out their web at

Great to see everyone,Sally,Kathy,Mary,Doug,Gary,Gordon,Scott,from Reign Project,Jinny was dancing behind the bar,and even Rich was there, They have remodeled and the pool tables are back! See the pics,click on "Our Gig Pics". Check here for our next Dillinger's show!!

DILLINGER'S PRESENTS THE RETURN OF BURNS TWICE!!  Friday March 8th , 9 pm...We are back with a new show for Dillinger's!! It's been a while, and we hope to see all our Front Range Friends !!


WOW!! What a fun bar!!  Cactus Jack's is a favorite of all the Evergreen locals, and now we know why. The staff is very friendly, and the crowd loves to party and dance, We will let you know about return dates, stay tuned....
This Friday Burns Twice travels to beautiful Evergreen for a fun night of 21st Century Classic Rock at the famous Cactus Jack's Bar. It's our first time in and we are looking forward to meeting everyone!! Again, that's Friday Jan. 25th, 9pm at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen.

Thanks to everyone who came out ,and thanks to the staff of the Eagle!! It was great seeing all our friends, Reign Project, Sheila and Sue, and their gang. Div was having fun as the pics suggest!! See "our gig pics" page for all of the nights photos!! We return to the Eagle June 28th!!

  THE EAGLE GRILL PRESENTS THE RETURN OF BURNS TWICE!! Join us Friday January 18th,8 PM, as we visit our favorite Front Range Room, The Eagle Grill in Longmont!! This is our first show in 13 and we are rearing to Rock!! We have tons of new songs and new Guitarist Div in tow, so if you haven't seen the band in a while, you don't want to miss this night!! Every one loves this club, the friendliest staff, great food, and a bar full of fun seekers!! Start your weekend right with a rocking Friday Night at the Eagle!!

Well, well, It was a great year for the boys of Burns Twice!!
   Played a ton of Rock and Roll, made a lot of new friends, had some great birthday parties, Played some shows for some good causes, [The Gurnsy NYE Benifit started the year, The St. Vincents Home Poker Run raised a bunch of money for that great group]  and as the moveable feast known as Burns Twice,lumbered through 2012, [our 15th year] we only had one guitarist pass out on stage....piper down!!
Thanks to friends and family, who were there every time, knew when to clap, and whose mighty mighty thirst, pumped up the cash register! We love you all!!
  Join us as we return to The Eagle Grill on Jan. 18, 2013!! We are working up a bunch of new songs,[yes , from this century] and we will be ready to rock!

  We got on the cd with our song from 1974 , "The Cold Facts Of Life" [things really haven't changed that much in 38 years!!] We hear there will be a CD release party at the Bluebird, with all the artist playing,check here for details!

Fun Friday! Happy b-day to long time friend of the band,Dave!! Good to see,Mike ,Gary and Nichole from Reign Project, Nichole had the bar rocking with her "exotic" choreography!! Roby's posse was well oiled and came to party on the patio,one last time!

FRIDAY OCT. 18TH 8 pm... Burns Twice returns to Hoppers for one more time this year! We have had so much fun playing and partying at Hoppers this Summer ! Help us Party On The Patio one more time in 12 !!

   If anyone is wondering....why "The Cold Facts of Life" is the first song on our site player? It's been chosen for a new compilation CD of all "Colfax" songs,
Our Entry was written in 1974, and still on the Burns Twice playlist. C.F.O.L. tells a cautionary tale still relevant today.We will keep you posted on release dates and the Party!!

Great to see all our friends last night at The Eagle, The Halverson Girls,the birthday girl, The Burns Twice Dancer, Div, Mary Ann,Professer,and the rest!! We return to the Eagle ,Jan. 18, see you in the new year!

Join us Friday Oct. 12th at our favorite Longmont gig, The Eagle Grill!! There is a reason the Eagle has been the Front Range Home of Rock and Roll and Good Times for so many years!! It is a great sounding room, with great food and drinks, and the best staff anywhere!! If you haven't seen Burns Twice at the Eagle, you should!!

IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO , TODAY!! Check out a new Youtube Alias Video Bruce put up, Live from Colfax St. circa 1982,recorded at "Eddies"[which long time Denverites will remember ,was like a lower rent Danner's Metamorphosis]. We are banging out our rendition of The Red Rocker's "There Is Only One Way to Rock" A side note, when it aired on KBDI, they had edited out the word,"masturbation" this version has the offensive word! Visit the Alias Page if you want to check out the video! Thanks Bruce!!

CELTIC TAVERN Friday March 13.... I remember The Celtic Tavern from this Summer !! Kinda....Sounds like another Burns Twice Fun Friday !! This great Tavern features everything from authentic fish and chips to the most varieties of Scotch our bassist Robo has ever seen!!

Remodel moving along at Hopper's, We look forward to playing the new stage!! Look for Burns Twice to return in May, dtbd!!

Fan facebook post from Friday at Hopper's :

What a fabulous weekend!..Thank you Kimberly , my Beautiful Blonde Woman..really enjoyed our date seeing Burns Twice.
I always knew in this life you would always have my back even in a bar fight :)
    •  LOl..It was quite a blast..I'll have to admit :0

  It was the kind of Friday we all should of signed a waiver...Hopper's Rocks!!  Thanks to John and his crew for being on both sides of the bar! Roby's Posse was out in force and having fun... Hopper's have some big surprises coming up this summer, and they are already gearing up for a huge volleyball season. There will also be Concerts, Parties and much more on Denver's Best Beach.Stay tuned!!

TOO SOON? No way !! It's been a month sin
ce we played Hoppers , and we are ready to Rock !! Join Burns Twice Friday , March 23, 8 pm for a Fun Friday in the Big City !! Our fans love this room ! They have the best drink prices in town , good food , friendly folks and a great room for rock !! Don't miss your shot Jack , Come out and see why Burns Twice loves Hopper's !!

The Alias Reunion Video has had over 1000 views in 3 weeks! Thanks to friends, family and fans!!

ALIAS Fans!! See the video from the Alias Reunion, We had our 30 year reunion at PME Records , and shot some video and played some of the songs from the 80's. Here is our cover of "Separate Ways" .

Fun,fun,fun Friday at Hopper's, The Noodle Lady danced the night away, 21st birthdays, some whacked out 60 year old buying rounds for the house, and a night we won't soon remember!! Don't forget to remember to save the date,

NO NEED TO CALL A HEAD- BURNS TWICE WILL BE AT HOPPER'S THIS FRIDAY, FEB. 24, 8 PM ! We got snowed out last time, not this time!! Hopper's has great drink specials till closing and it's a great rock room!! Answer the call!! Join us!!

  Hopper's presents the return of Burns Twice!! Friday Feb 24, at 8pm, we'll hop on I-70 and head out for a Friday Night of Fun !! If you haven't been to Hopper's, you are missing out on the best drink prices in Denver !! Come out and see for your own bad-self!!

ALIAS Fans!! See the video from the Alias Reunion, We had our 30 year reunion at PME Records a couple of years ago, and shot some video and played some of the songs from the 80's. Here is our cover of "Separate Ways" .

Oh what a night ! It's a special night when: A drummer goes from boy to man and turns 60 years old,Mary and Sheila bring enough birthday cake ..for the WHOLE CLASS! All our Longtown friends and family come out and fill up the front row [they already know where to clap].Birthdays galore, Thanks to The Beautiful,but Deadly, Deb D' for the amazing photos [see the pics on our pics page!] and for making the band better looking just by standing next to us! Check here for return dates at the Eagle!! ps. Check out the new "twice" peace sign, it's the latest craze!!
January 27th, 8 pm ...Join Burns Twice as we motor to Longmont for a fun Friday at Northern Colorado's home for good music, good food, and great folks.....The Eagle Grill!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make The Gurnsey Fire Fund New Years Eve Party such a night to remember! We have some of Sal's pics from the night ,up on the "Our Gig Pics" Page.


THANKS  and best wishes to Brian Walton, who played some guitar and keys with us this Summer, you can check out Brian's music at . Thanks also to his wife Inka, who took some great photos!!

  Thanks to the staff and patrons of the Columbine! Great to see Gary from     Reign Project and the gals from Livestrong, who were having more fun than the rest of the bar!!
  THE COLUMBINE LOUNGE WELCOMES THE RETURN OF BURNS TWICE FRIDAY NIGHT 8PM September 24th !! As we spring into fall,Burns Twice is back in the little town of Littleton to load up on some killer Mex, and deliver our award ready, combo platter of hot Classic Rock Hits and hi-jinxs.

Great Gig, no was was killed !!
Friday August 20th, 9 pm, Dillinger's in Lafayette presents Burns Twice !!
Good Folks, Good food, It's Boulder adjacent!!
Rob,Roby and I have been playing there 20 years,since the Sweat Bros. and smoker friendly days!!
I'm pretty sure Rich has never recognized me yet! [ that might be because I'm getting younger every day ]
We love to play a club that lets us invite all our musician friends to sit in!!
Come see for yourself!!

ALIAS REUNION....Pics and audio are up on the "Alias Reunion" page!! This was Alias 6, and we got together at PME Records and had a ball !! I put up our cover of the Loverboy Blue Collar Anthem, "Working For The Weekend" and Alias original, "She's A Rock" on the Alias Jukebox, and there will be more to follow!!

HOT NIGHT IN THE MERC!! So cool to see everyone!! Thanks to the folks that drove in from the flats, Now you know what Burns Twice knows, Jamestown knows how to party !!

SATURDAY,JULY 31 7:00 THE JAMESTOWN MERC, Burns Twice returns to the Merc for our last Jimtown gig of the Summer...Ever been to the Merc? We love it, great food, great folks, in one of the hippist town on the planet! Dinner, 6:00, then two shows of Classic Rock sure to get the whole town dancing!!

Most fun playing a S.J.'S ever !! New guy "Brian" was rocking! New H.D. SET-UP...Fantastic ! We'll up load some video when we get a chance, thanks to Roby's Posse, who drank it up and whooped it up!! Fun fun fun !!

NEWS FLASH!! SMOKING JOE'S CALLED AND BURNS TWICE ANSWERED !! This Saturday 9:00 we're playing at Smoking Joes, The club has installed a new Digital Recording Studio and a new High Def video system and we can't wait to check it out !! [Burns Twice is now in High Deaf !! ] We shot the Burns Twice Commercial there about a year ago [ bla.. bla..see it on Youtube..] and we always enjoy playing through Smoking Joe's Mega JBL PA [thanks, BRO. ROBB  ] Come for dinner, stay for the show !!

Nothing beats a Mexican Dinner, followed by R&R !! Thanks to everyone who helped us obtain our goals!! Thanks to the girls of Jamestown for being there !! Check here for new Burns Twice dates at Littleton's home of Classic Rock, The Columbine !!

BURNS TWICE RETURNS TO THE COLUMBINE LOUNGE !! FRIDAY JULY 16TH 8PM.....Join us for dinner,[ I can almost taste the great Mexican Food!! ] then stay for the show !! It will be a night of Classic Rock featuring Burns Twice's newest player, guitarist and keyboardist Brian Walton!!
If you never visited The Columbine  , you are in for a treat !! They are famous for their Mexican Food , reasonably priced drinks , beautiful bartenders , and the nicest folks around !!


ALIAS NEWS FLASH !! Alias fans should see the "Alias Reunions 2010" page!! There's a new Alias Jukebox with all the Alias Live tracks in one place!!
  Just go to "Our Gig Pics" and drop down to "Alias Runions 2010". There's a Band Member Roster, The Alias Jukebox, and over 50 photos,spanning 30 years!! Thanks to everyone sending things in!! There are new pics and songs almost every day !!

   1000 !! The number is 1000 , 1000 is the number...The Alias Jukebox has racked up over 1000 plays in 1 month !! Thanks to Ed and Bruce for sending in the tunes , If you haven't visited the "Alias Reunions 2010" Page , It has tons of pics and lots of live recordings from the turbulent 80's . Lori North's "Lucky To Be Here" is # 1 on the Alias Jukebox , recorded at  college hot spot, " The Operating Room " in Laramie WY.

    1000 !! The number is 1000 , 1000 is the number !! The Burns Twice Commercial has just hit 1000 views on You Tube !! Thanks to our Fans , who will never get that 3min.25 sec. of their lives back !! If you haven't seen it , click on "The Burns Twice Commercial" and have a laugh on us !!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAUGHT THE SHOW AT THE EAGLE FRIDAY NIGHT!! Rocking Robin, you were great !! Div ,you were great!!.....Have you guys ever thought of starting a band? Brian Walton survived the "Burns Twice Trial O Fire" and will be playing full time at The Columbine ,July 16th! When we get an Eagle return date, we will let you know !!

FRIDAY,JULY 9TH, 8PM ,THE EAGLE GRILL IN LONGMONT PRESENTS THE        RETURN OF BURNS TWICE !!     We had so much fun the last time jamming at The Eagle, with Rocking Robin and Div, we've asked them to sit in with us again !! We'll have some surprise guest artists as well !! Join Burns Twice and friends for a hot summer night at Longmont's home for Rock and Roll....The Eagle Grill !!

 What A Fun 4TH !! Thanks to all the Jamestown folks who helped Burns Twice Rock the 4th! Saw friends and fans we haven't seen in years! It was like a Rockwell painting, wood splitting contest, kids tug of war, roast pig [nice work Dave!] a Parade with a sneaky Fire Truck, and a full day of music!! [See for yourself click on "our gig pics ] Until further notice, You Can Still Rock In America!! Burns Twice returns to Jamestown July 31st for a special Merc Gig, more to follow!!
Join Burns Twice for the 4th of July in Beautiful Downtown Jamestown !! We're rocking the 4th High Country Style !! From the Famous Pancake Breakfast , to the last note from the Live Music Stage ,there will be tons of fun all day and into the evening !! All proceeds go to support the Jamestown Fire Dept. !! We are going on later in the day and will let you know what time, soon !!  The Burns Twice show starts at 5:30....
Stomproot starts the day at 12:30 ,1:30 - Sam and the Surfers ,Then favorite son , Danny Schaffer at 2:30 ,The Swamp Koollers at 3:30 , then at 4:30 , new Merc Fav's Gasoline Lolipops...Burns Twice at 5:30 and then the Measels at 6:30.

From the Monday Boulder Daily Camera article on Boulder Boulder Race Course Entertainment .... 

  "Our Band , Burns Twice, played the Bolder Boulder for 10 years in a row, and one year, was voted "Best Band of the Bolder Boulder". Our location [at the Valero Performance Center on Folsom, which led to Channel 4 calling us "...the Gas Station Band" ] was so fun ! As the runners would round the corner, they would recognize the song, and begin to sing along! One year we played all Beatles' songs, which the runners seemed to like the most.
I believe we are the only band to have ever had a musician run the race and play the gig as well!
The Bolder Boulder was tremendous publicity ! We were hired for future events by runners who heard us at the race,and our web traffic at would sky rocket . We made it in the papers, and on TV, almost every year. You should see our collection of race t-shirts! Thanks to Ken Rodgers for booking us that first year,and we salute the Bolder Boulder!!"
Read more: Entertainment a staple at Bolder Boulder - Boulder Daily Camera


More Alias Reunions Photos! New pics are coming in every day! See our "New Gig Pics" page ,then drop down to "Alias Reunions 2010" page and see the latest!...Also, why is Tony Orlando in every picture?! 
HEY TOM!! WHAT HAS 2 THUMBS, OVER 50,000 VIEWS, AND OVER 50,000 PLAYS? This guy and our redesigned BURNS TWICE MYSPACE PAGE ! See for yourself!
visit then, lets be friends !!

Thanks to one and all for a really fun night at Dillinger's!! Between the Birthdays and guest artists, the night flew by!!
  First to sit in was force of nature, Hardest working woman in Rock and Roll,Rockin Robin! Then, Div [leather lungs] showed the Harp who's boss, as the duo tore up "Wanna Make Love To You".

Former Alias lead singer,Lori North,[heard here on the Burns Twice Jukebox Track "Lucky to Be Here" recorded in the early 80's] and Alias Guitarist, Bruce LA Easton made the scene  and we have the photos to prove it!! See our "Alias Reunions" page for some funny "before and 30 years' after" pics!!
Visit Bruce at his myspace page and check out his tunes. That's Roby drumming on Bruce's song, "38 Double D's!",[remind me to ask him... what's this song is about?!?]

  FRIDAY MAY 7TH 9:00 PM Dillinger's presents Burns Twice !! Join us for a night of classic rock and special guest !! We love Dillinger's, and we allways have some good friends and great musicians stopping by to sit in !! It's our only front range gig this spring, so see for your own bad self why Dillinger's is Lafayette's home of Rock..  It'll be like the last day of school...old school that is!!